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Please note that we respond to emails as quickly as we can, but please allow 1-2 business days for a response. All necessary studio information can be found on our studio details page. If your contacting us regarding a missed class, please note that we have a 6 hour cancellation policy which can be viewed on our studio details page as well. 



Studio hours vary (see schedule) and we are not always open to the public in between class times. If you're trying to get in touch with us, it is always best to email or fill out the contact form below for the fastest response. 


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  1. noun: [mir-pwah] : a sautéed mixture of diced vegetables, such as carrots, celery, and onions, used especially as a base for soups, stews, and sauces

Just like the base to many dishes in French cooking, it's the simplest things, people, and places that create the base for a fulfilling life. 

Our version of a mirepoix is a three part balance of movement, meditation, and nourishment. By incorporating each into our every day life, we can begin to build bodies and minds we can listen to and circumstances we can thrive in. 

We believe in moving to strengthen, not burn; meditating to process, not clear; and nourishing to fuel, not lose. We move through life minimally and mindfully. 

Our studio is a casual and welcoming place to gather with fellow wellness junkies or those just getting started on their wellness journey. 


  • What is your late policy? While we encourage all of our students to arrive at least 15 minutes before a class begins, but we understand sometimes life gets in the way. Students will be admitted up to five minutes after class begins. If you enter class late, please enter mindfully and quietly as you find space on your mat so you do not disturb other students.

  • What is your cancellation policy? You must cancel your class at least 6 hours before the start of class. If a class is cancelled 6 hours before the start of class it will be added back to your account. If a class is cancelled past that change period it will be deducted from your account. Emails regarding late class cancellations will be looked at on a case by case basis. Due to high volume we do not respond to all late cancel emails. We are unable to edit reservations for Classpass, Mindbody Dynamic Pricing, discounted monthly class packages, and Gilt clients.

  • Can I get a refund on my workshop or event ticket purchase if I can’t attend? All sales are final for workshops and events.

  • Do you have mats? All students are provided with a Jade yoga mat free of charge; mats will be laid out on the floor for you prior to the start of class. If you wish to you use your own mat, simply remove our mat from the floor, and in the same spot, place your own

  • What should I wear for yoga? Tighter fitting clothes are usually best for yoga!

  • What should I wear for meditation? We recommend loose fitting clothing or anything you're comfortable sitting in for 30min, in a seated position on a cushion/floor. Our clients often come straight from work or on a lunch break and find that you can meditate in pretty much anything you're comfortable in! Skirts not recommended. Layers encouraged! We keep the room slightly cooler during meditation to ward off the feeling of sleepiness.

  • Can I sign up for class if I have never done yoga/meditation before? Yes! Absolutely. We don't level our classes because yoga should be accessible for all. Our classes are challenging enough for experienced yogis, but easy to follow for new students. If you listen with your ears and not your eyes, you'll have no problem following along. If you look up to find the instructors words lead you to a different posture than your fellow yogis...embrace it! Yoga is a constant practice and all we can do is work at it.

  • I left something at the studio! How can I get it back? No worries! Just shoot us an email so we can put it aside for you. Please note that we have a 30 day lost and found policy and any unclaimed items will be donated to the Salvation Army after 30 days or on a first in, first out basis as the lost and found bin in filled. Due to the high quantity of water bottles left behind, please do not email about a lost water bottle. The best way to get a water bottle back is to stop in 30 minutes before a class starts and check the lost and found bin.

  • How close will my mat be to someone else's? We keep things honest and try to be as transparent as possible over here! We have a small studio, but student safety takes first priority. Students are always welcome to use their own mats, but for convenience and organization we lay out mats beforehand (if you choose to use your own, just lift ours up and lay yours down in the same spot). We will always give you as much space as possible, but in our busiest classes (20 students max) you will have 23" of space in both front of and behind you, and 6.75" on each side. All other classes you will have more space.

  • We do not accept cash or checks. Debit and credit cards only please! We are able to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions from the transportation of money by not accepting cash. Additionally, as a cash free business, we are able to keep our storefront and employees safer, and process your transactions quicker.

  • Other FAQs:

  • Please note that we share an address with the Wicker Park Chamber of Commerce. We are on the ground level and our door is two doors down (south) from them.

  • All students are provided with a Jade yoga mat free of charge; mats will be laid out on the floor for you prior to the start of class. If you wish to you use your own mat, simply remove our mat from the floor, and in the same spot, place your own

  • Our studio is a toxin free zone. We use stone diffusers and organic essential oils to keep our air fresh, and clean all surfaces, and mats with natural, organic solutions which can be purchased in our retail section.

  • While we keep things minimal by not having locker rooms, you can safely store your belongings in our check in area as the door is locked at the start of class. With one bathroom, sometimes a line can form when people are changing in there. Save yourself some time and come ready to practice.

  • Help us in our commitment to being a green studio and bring your own bottle to enjoy our cold and hot bottleless water cooler.

  • Our studio is a non heated vinyasa so while you'll sweat, you won't be drenched. Some students will find that they need a towel and others will find that they don't. We are able to save 43,800 gallons of water per year by encouraging students to bring their own towel. And while we don't have towel rentals, we do sell them, so you don't have to look far for a Mirepoix approved towel.

  • We ask that upon entering the studio your shoes are removed before stepping onto our wood practice area. Yoga is always practiced in bare feet.


Zero Waste Initiative

As a business we believe it's our social responsibility to not only choose products that are safe for our students, but to also choose products that are safe for the environment. All of our bath tissue products are recycled and unbleached Seventh Generation. The cups, lids, and straws we use for water and kombucha are compostable, and are brought to a compost center to be properly disposed of weekly. We always strongly encourage students to bring their own reusable water bottles and fill up at our filtered water station. Did you know that if you bring your own travel mug you can enjoy a complimentary hot tea? Our Jade yoga mats are made from trees and for every mat and block sold, another tree is planted in its place. They're also made in America. Our natural fiber meditation cushions are made right here in Chicago by a local manufacturer. The cushions are filled with buckwheat from a company that provides job opportunities for adults with disabilities. We also have a Nest thermostat controlled HVAC system so that we can save energy. We even removed the packaging from the products we sell so you don't have to worry about properly disposing of it! Have any questions about how you can reduce your own waste at home and choose products that are better for the environment? Have a suggestion on how we as a studio can do more to reduce our footprint or have a greater impact? Send us a note or ask one of our front desk team members next time you're in! Let's hold each other accountable!