Reiki at Mirepoix

INDIVIDUAL REIKI: $75 for one hour

PARTNER REIKI: $95 for one hour

Reiki is a natural energy healing practice of Japanese origin utilized to enable relaxation, improve recovery, and restore the body’s energetic flow. A Reiki practitioner guides the energy to where it is needed most for a group or individual for the purpose of cleansing and healing.

It is a very gentle, hands-on practice that promotes one’s own healing potential from the inside out. It releases old, static energy blocks carried in the body (often showing up as physical or emotional pain).

Not only a wonderful way to relax, it also helps reduce stress levels and provides an opportunity to grow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Reiki at Mirepoix is offered by Stephanie Lewis, one of our favorite subs!

Email hello@mirepoixstudio.com to schedule and appointment.

Chicago Studio Rental



- 700sqft (if holding a yoga or meditation class, class max is 20 students)

- Floor to ceiling East facing windows (allows for great natural light!)

- 1 bathroom, no showers

- Nest controlled thermostat

- Bose Speaker System

- Wifi

- Mats, meditation cushions, straps and blocks available if needed

- Kombucha and coffee on draft that is available for purchase

- Entryway has cubbies and coat hooks for storage

Pricing: $75/hour: 2 hour minimum + $25 cleaning fee

*Chicago Instructors are eligible for discounts for private one on one classes and a 1.5 hour minimum.

Please email hello@mirepoixstudio.com for more information.